About Us

Florida Food Safety Systems is the premiere food safety and compliance expert in the state of Florida. We offer commercial kitchen consulting services to businesses and organizations to ensure compliance with state regulations. Our consultants are former state of Florida health inspectors with extensive experience in the epidemiological side of kitchen-borne illnesses. With a focus on food safety, Florida Food Safety Systems can train your staff to ensure that your kitchen complies with regulations and does food safety the right way.


Florida Food Safety Systems was founded in 2016 to help small business owners navigate the complex and intimidating regulations over commercial kitchens. As a former Florida regulatory specialist and state foodborne illness investigator, founder Danielle Egger has extensive experience with food borne illnesses. She has conducted over 10,000 inspections in the last 20 years and brings this unique perspective to every client interaction.

The Florida Food Safety Systems staff is available to assist you 24/7 and consists of experienced biological scientists, epidemiologists, and environmental scientists who are former members of local, county, and state regulatory agencies. Our restaurant deep cleaning team is led by a Certified Food Manager to target even the smallest details.

What Sets Us Apart

Florida Food Safety Systems provides an extra set of eyes. In addition to monitoring food safety and sanitation, we take a step back to observe and document your staff’s habits and practices. This helps us identify the causes of the issues your commercial kitchen is facing, and more importantly, allows us to provide instant education to your employees if we observe a problem.

After our inspection and assessment, we will provide you a comprehensive report of our findings using a point system to grade your establishment. This allows us to precisely determine areas of strength and areas in need of improvement. When we find areas that need improvement, we can help set in place new procedures and train your staff to ensure compliance.

We Are Based in St. Petersburg

Florida Food Safety Systems offers consulting services throughout the state of Florida, but our primary focus is within the Tampa Bay Area. We are based in St. Petersburg and we believe that locally owned businesses help form the backbone of the Tampa Bay Area community. Our network of trusted vendors include many other small local businesses. We are able to keep costs down, while establishing meaningful relationships working with our clients because are not a national corporation with hundreds of employees. 

When you call us, one of our local consultants will be available to talk to you and meet at your convenience at your location. Our Emergency Response Team can usually be on-site at your location within an hour or two, depending on your location. Call us 24/7 at (727) 204-1676 to schedule your free consultation.


When you partner with Florida Food Safety Systems, we train your staff so that your kitchen will do food safety the right way!

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