Emergency Response Team

24/7 Help is Available

Florida Food Safety Systems provides emergency response services to existing and new clients who are dealing with a food safety emergency in their commercial kitchen.

The most serious commercial kitchen emergencies involve establishments that have suffered a temporary closure by the state because their commercial kitchen failed state inspection.

Business owners may not realize that their kitchen is not operating within regulations and that their staff needs training until the health inspector visits.

Foodborne Illness Investigations


Foodborne Illness happens.  If a customer calls complaining of illness after eating at your facility, don’t panic.  Florida Food Safety Systems has your back.  We conduct thorough investigations from point of manufacture to distribution to consumer to ensure no “weak links” in the traceability chain.  By actively working with the investigation specialists and epidemiologists, we are able to formulate what may have implicated foods and immediately remedy the situation.

We Are Your Commercial Kitchen Fixers!

Throughout our 20 years of experience in the foodservice industry in the state of Florida, we have cultivated a list of the best vendors who are part of our Emergency Response Team, including general contractors, plumbers, electricians, attorneys, marketing specialists, and others who can respond immediately to address your kitchen emergency.