Staff Training & Certification

Classes held onsite at your location for individuals or groups of 50+
COVID-19 Best Practices, Food Manager, Food Handler & Responsible Vendor

Private & Group Classes Available

Florida Food Safety Systems makes training, testing, and certification of your staff easy and convenient.

Our team of certified instructors and proctors work with you to schedule class times and locations around the needs of your business.

Classes can be held on-site at your location or can be held at an off-site location to not disrupt your regular daily business. We can even arrange for multiple class times and venues to accommodate the needs of your employees.

Contact us for more information about our staff training packages.

Covid-19 Cleaning & Sanitation Class

Our COVID-19 Cleaning & Sanitation Class for Hospitality Workers will train your staff in the current cleaning, sanitation, and workplace regulations and guidelines for COVID-19 reopening as put by forth by governmental agencies including the CDC, FDA, and State of Florida.

This hour-long class is held on-site at your location and includes time for a Q&A to answer questions from your staff.

Our COVID-19 Cleaning & Sanitation class is offered in English or Spanish and can be combined with a Food Handler and or Responsible Vendor class.

For more information on our COVID-19 Cleaning & Sanitation Class, click here.

Food Manager

The State of Florida (Statue 509.039) requires that all managers of food and beverage establishments must obtain food manager certification within 30 days of hire.

Our instructors are certified to teach and proctor both the ServSafe Food Manager Course and the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals Course. This class is available in English and Spanish and is designed for one-on-one instruction or small groups of up to 6. This class and exam usually takes several hours.

This in-depth class covers all aspects of food safety in relation to a commercial kitchen. After registration, you will receive a study guide to review the course material prior to attending the class. Those who have reviewed the study guide tend to score higher on the exam.

The Food Manager card is good for (5) five years.

Food Handler

The State of Florida (Statue 509.049) requires all non managerial food & beverage employees (front and back of the house) in an establishment licensed under the Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) Division of Hotels & Restaurants (DOHR) must obtain food handler certification within 60 days of hire.

Our instructors are certified to teach and proctor the SafeStaff Food Handler course. This class is available in English and Spanish, and is a group class that usually takes an hour, but can be held privately to accommodate new hires.

The Food Handler card is good for (3) three years.

Ask for more information on our Monthly Staff Training packages when combined with our Monthly Sanitation Inspections.


Responsible Vendor

This class will provide the your bartenders and servers with information about the laws and liabilities related to serving alcoholic beverages in the state of Florida. It’s a second degree misdemeanor to sell or serve alcohol to an underage person punishable up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine on the first offense!

Although not mandated by the State of Florida, providing proof that your staff has participated in a Responsible Vendor Training may result in a price reduction of your liability insurance.

This is a group class that is available in English and Spanish and usually takes an hour.