Private Sanitation Inspections

private sanitation inspections

Florida Food Safety Systems provides private Health & Sanitation Inspections for businesses that operate a commercial kitchen.

Our consultants will conduct a complete top-to-bottom health inspection of your establishment using the same criteria used by the state of Florida regulatory agencies.

After our inspection and assessment, we will provide you a comprehensive report of our findings using a point system to grade your establishment. We will return for daily staff training and inspections until your kitchen obtains a passing score.

This grading system allows us to precisely determine areas of strength and areas in need of improvement. When we find areas that need improvement, we can help set in place new procedures and train your staff to ensure compliance.

We provide an Extra Set of Eyes

In addition to monitoring food safety and sanitation, we take a step back to observe and document your staff’s habits and practices. We provide a second set of eyes to see the little things that are often overlooked.

We are able to identify the causes of the issues your commercial kitchen is facing, and more importantly, allows us to provide instant education to your employees when we observe problems.