We are

Florida's Food Safety & Compliance Experts

Offering Sanitation Audits, Employee Training, HACCP Plan Authoring, and Food Safety Consulting Services for Florida's Hospitality Industry

Florida Food Safety Systems is the premier food safety and compliance expert in the state of Florida. We help business owners navigate the governmental regulations required to safely and properly operate a commercial kitchen.

We work with our clients to create an operational plan ensuring that their kitchen approaches food safety the right way, every day.

Our services include sanitation audits, staff training (ServSafe Food Manager & SafeStaff Food Handler), HACCP Plan authoring, undercover dining services, new concept development, plan review, and other food safety services for Florida’s hospitality industry.


Our founder and CEO, Danielle Egger has extensive experience with the governmental and regulatory side of food safety and she brings this unique perspective to every client interaction.

After more than 10 years of working for the Florida Department of Health as both an Environmental Specialist and Biological Scientist, Egger founded Florida Food Safety Systems to provide professional consulting services to the hospitality industry.

Since it’s beginning in 2006, Florida Food Safety Systems has worked with over 500 hospitality-based businesses and organizations located throughout the state of Florida including restaurants, bars, event spaces, food processing facilities, and others.

Services Offered


commercial kitchen CONSULTING

Our Food Safety Consulting Services help business owners ensure their commercial kitchens operate efficiently and in compliance with governmental regulations in their daily operations.

Staff Training

Our ServSafe Food Manager & SafeStaff Food Handler classes are offered English & Spanish to comply with Florida’s stringent governmental regulations. We also offer Responsible Vendor Training.


Private Sanitation Inspections

Our top-to-bottom inspection and grading of your commercial kitchen uses the same criteria required by the state of Florida. We will train your staff to help correct any deficiencies found.


Our Undercover Dining Services give you, the business owner, a fresh perspective of your guest’s experience, including food quality, staff interactions, food handling, and restaurant atmosphere.


Florida Food Safety Systems is available 24/7  to address your commercial kitchen emergencies. We specialize in foodborne illness investigations and recovery from emergency regulatory closures.