Undercover Dining

Mystery Shopping

Florida Food Safety Systems offers mystery shopping services for restaurants, bars, and other hospitality-based businesses with our Undercover Dining Services.

Mystery shopping gives business owners an inside look, from the customer’s perspective, at what really happens in their establishments.

The Mystery Shopping Services offered by Florida Food Safety Systems places enhanced scrutiny on how well your staff is adhering to governmental regulations including COVID-19 guidelines. We will monitor social distancing practices, mask usage, and enhanced sanitation practices.

We Hand Pick our Undercover Diners

Our COVID-19 Cleaning & Sanitation Class for Hospitality Workers will train your staff in the current cleaning, sanitation, and workplace regulations and guidelines for COVID-19 reopening as put by forth by governmental agencies including the CDC, FDA, and State of Florida.

This hour-long class is held on-site at your location and includes time for a Q&A to answer questions from your staff.

Our COVID-19 Cleaning & Sanitation class is offered in English or Spanish and can be combined with a Food Handler and or Responsible Vendor class.

For more information on our COVID-19 Cleaning & Sanitation Class, click here.

What We Assess

During our Sanitation Inspections, our consultants conduct a top-to-bottom inspection of your establishment using the same criteria used by the State of Florida regulatory agencies. 

Our consultants will also provide a comprehensive analysis of how your establishment is adhering to governmental COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.

For more information on our Sanitation inspections, click here.