Staff Training & Certification

Florida Food Safety Systems makes training, testing, and certification of your staff easy and convenient. Our team of certified instructors and proctors work with you to schedule class times and locations around the needs of your business.

Classes can be held on-site at your location or can be held at an off-site location to not disrupt your regular daily business. We can even arrange for multiple class times and venues to accommodate the needs of your employees.

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Our founder and CEO, Danielle Egger has extensive experience with the governmental and regulatory side of food safety and she brings this unique perspective to every client interaction.

After 10 years of working for the Florida Department of Health as both an Environmental Scientist and Biologic Scientist, Egger founded Florida Food Safety Systems to provide commercial consulting services to the hospitality industry.

Over the last five years, Florida Food Safety Systems has worked with over 200 hospitality-based businesses and organizations located throughout the state of Florida including restaurants, bars, event spaces, food processing facilities, and others.