COVID-19 Consulting

Covid-19 Consulting

Florida Food Safety Systems offers COVID-19 Consulting services for businesses and organizations that operate commercial kitchens.

Our Covid-19 Consulting Services will help you navigate the ever-changing governmental regulations and guidelines required during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our consultants will analyze your current operations and create a personalized COVID-19 Operational Plan best suited for your specific establishment.

Your comprehensive COVID-19 Operational Plan will detail everything from sanitization & cleaning, staff training, adjustments to seating to accommodate reduced occupancy, and what procedures to follow if a staff member and/or patron tests positive for COVID-19.

Covid-19 Cleaning & Sanitation Class

Our COVID-19 Cleaning & Sanitation Class for Hospitality Workers will train your staff in the current cleaning, sanitation, and workplace regulations and guidelines for COVID-19 reopening as put by forth by governmental agencies including the CDC, FDA, and State of Florida.

This hour-long class is held on-site at your location and includes time for a Q&A to answer questions from your staff.

Our COVID-19 Cleaning & Sanitation class is offered in English or Spanish and can be combined with a Food Handler and or Responsible Vendor class.

For more information on our COVID-19 Cleaning & Sanitation Class, click here.

Sanitation Inspections

During our Sanitation Inspections, our consultants conduct a top-to-bottom inspection of your establishment using the same criteria used by the State of Florida regulatory agencies. 

Our consultants will also provide a comprehensive analysis of how your establishment is adhering to governmental COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.

For more information on our Sanitation inspections, click here.

COVID-19 Marketing

We also are offering marketing support from our own in-house Director of Marketing to help business owners monitor and update their websites and social media accounts to reflect COVID-19 changes in operations.

Additionally, we will monitor local Facebook Groups and report back what patrons and local residents are saying about your business online.

Contact us about our COVID-19 Marketing Services.