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With over 15 years of experience in the regulatory field, Florida Food Safety offers consulting services to assist both currently existing and prospective restaurant owners with all their compliance needs.  Based in Tampa Bay, we are your local restaurant turn-around experts.

Building or renovating a food service establishment?
Let us help!  Trying to feel your way through regulatory requirements and licensing can be daunting.  We will assist you with obtaining the appropriate permits to bring your new or renovated kitchen into compliance quickly.

Established kitchen looking to exceed Florida’s stringent health code regulations?
The Florida Food Safety Systems team consists of former state health inspectors.  You can expect superior state health inspection results when you partner with us.  We conduct frequent unannounced inspections.  By doing so, we are able to identify any deficiencies and educate your staff, potentially reducing the risk of food borne illness.

Need a Food Manager Certification?
We understand your time is valuable.  Florida Food Safety provides state-approved Food Manager training and certifications on your schedule.

Remember – One simple mistake may result in a devastating food borne illness outbreak.  Protect your customers and your business.  

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